Nautique Super Air 230


The Super Air Nautique 230 is wide open and ready for whatever the day demands with a hard-charging crew that can't be stopped. Refinement wraps a rugged package that delivers, taking on everything hard-core surfers and wake boarders can dish out with a world-class surf wave and wakeboard wake proven for nearly a decade.


Honoring a tradition of performance and quality day in and day out the Super Air Nautique 230 never lets you down. With drivability at the heart of every Nautique boat this is 23 feet of smooth operation and power. Equipped with the optional Pro Wake/Surf ballast system for a total of 2,100 pounds, the 230 delivers a wakeboard wake with smooth transitions that stand tall for the perfect launching point. The surf wave is simply unreal with a long open face that provides push all the way through for big drawn out carves and boosted airs.